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Valentines Gifts $25 and under!


FREE SHIPPING - Yummy Cheese Pillow $18by mymimi


FREE SHIPPING - Geisha Umeko Pillow $18by mymimi

Pretty Pink Princess Macaroon Handmade Jewelry $16.50by SilverLeica

Odd Bun - Mr Starry $25by hellowhappy

RAN Purple - 8x10 Print $15by Namu

Zombies Dig Chicks With Brains - XS to XL $15by CherryPiePunk

Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Necklaces $22by ClayRunway

Phone case green 11,00 EURby Esthertie

Blackberry case turquoise 11,00 EURby Esthertie

Thunder Cloud - Acrylic Laser Cut Pendant Necklace - White $12.50by tizzalicious

FREE SHIPPING Toastie Cublets - (2) $20by gwyllion

LARGE Cute, Puffy Red Heart Beads - (4) $10.50by gwyllion

Strawberry Mint Bow Headband $12by gwyllion

Waffle Cone Sundae Pendant $13by BunnyKissd

Chococat Fleece Anime Hat $12by TheBunnyCafe

kagayaki $16by SugarpopClothing 

Little Twin Stars Necklace $24by tragicadornments

Unusual Contemporary Japanese Glass tile pendant - Mezumi £11.00by digitalOgeishaOart

Your Choice of 20 - 1 inch Pin Back Button $18by PapelShop

Chocolate and Banana Pancake Ring STERLING SILVER $15by ClayRunway

Purple Dinosaur with Pink Heart Plush Doll $18.00by Banananuthead

Chic .Be My Valentine Hand Painted Nails $13.00by ChicNails

Pink Pearls - Very Pretty iPhone 3G 3GS Case $12.00by ChicNails

Tags: valentines. valentines day. gift. sale. $25. $25 and under. toasties. chococat. heart. beads. crochet. ribbon. bow. ice cream. jewel. twin stars. buttons. badge. pin. plushie. pancake. nails. nail art. iphone case.

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Valentines Gifts $10 and under!

One Tiny Cotton Candy… $7.50 by scrumptiousdelightRed Sugar Skulls and Silver Heart earrings $9.50 by VivaGailBeads
Love Birds Note Card $3.50 by maddesignGeek Love Card $3.50 by maddesign
Cat in Heart Card $4.50 AUD by TallRabbit
Teal Ice Cream Cone Charm Keychain $2 by acylicana
Delicate Bracelet Woodland Fairy $12.90 by EverythingP1NK
Black diamond earrings $6 by Plushable
Chocolate roll with strawberry and cream earrings $9.90 by Plushable
SCENTED Strawberry Shortcake Phone Charm $8 by lessthan3chrissy
Big Pink and Blue Cupcake Ring with Bunny $5 by monmonbonbon
20 pcs. Cute Kitty Cabochon - 15 mm $4 by mrwalrus2009
Toast Soap - Peach Jam - Goats Milk $6 by soapopotamus
Pineapple Upsidedown Cake - Deluxe Soap Bar $6 by soapopotamus
Big Pink Donut - Goat’s Milk Soap Bar $5 by soapopotamus
Japanese Nail Art - Kawaii Candy Shop $7.50 by Nevertoomuchglitter
Devilcake 1 inch pinback buttons - Sweets Set $3 by Devilcake
Kawaii Bunny Flower Filigree Ring $10 by Zefora
Egg Love Necklace by ClayRunway $10
Mario Star Hair Clip $3 by chubigorawr
Kawaii Kitty ears on hairclips $7 by hellbabies
Orange and Blue Octopus Kandy Kid Necklace $4 by KandyJill
Dark Pink Apple Stud Earrings $8 by tizzalicious 
Large Polka Dot Red Rose Ring $8 by gwyllion
Cute Ribbon Cell Phone Charm $5 by GirlsNeedCute
Elegant Button and Lace Flower Cell Phone Charm $5 by GirlsNeedCute
Romantic Lace and Pearl Hair Clip $6 by GirlsNeedCute
Kawaii Cake/Dessert Handmade Plush $8 by Lollipopkizz
 Kawaii Lot Pencils Erasers Stationery Set $10 by DOLL
Bath Time $10 by flooooosbubbles
Cute Owl in Black Background Ribbon Necklace $5 by PapaDesign 
Cute Polka Dot Flower Headband $6  by GirlsNeedCute
Onigiri Buddies $5 by pinkiipromise 
Green and Pink Cupcake and Cherry Stud Earrings $6.00 by Allysin
Kawaii Kitty Deco Box $6.50 by Allysin
Kawaii Pink and Black Leopard Print Heart Ring $7.00 by Allysin
Lego Bling Adjustable Ring in Red $6.00 by Allysin
Valentine Kandi Cuff $4.50 by Allysin
Strawberry Shortcake Mini Skirt $10.00 by ichigoblack

Clay Octopus/Tako Charm Ornament $10.00 by fleacircusdesigns
Kawaii White Chocolate Heart Medium Vinyl Sticker $5.00 by KawaiiUniverse
Kawaii Red Heart Polygon Medium Vinyl Sticker $5.00 by KawaiiUniverse
Handmade Red Velvet Cake Earrings $7.00 by grandmathunderpants
Kawaii Sticky Notes - Miss Rabbit $2.50 by sweettidings
Kawaii Mini Teddy Bear Clothespins $4.75 by sweettidings
Box of Chocolate Charms (8pcs) $5.95 by aroundtheworld
Sweethearts Collection Charms - Pink and Chocolate (5pcs) $3.95 by aroundtheworld
Conversation Hearts Ponytail Holders $4.25 by cynicalredhead
Small Red Heart Barrettes $4.25 by cynicalredhead
Love Me Do Magnet Set $6.25 by cynicalredhead
Eco Friendly Felt Keychains $5.00 by KAWAIISHOP by NURI
Lovefly Kawaii Handmade Heart Necklace in Blue $5.00 by mayhemdesigns
Hidden in Plain Sight Pendant $5.00 by mayhemdesigns
Rabbit and Cheshire Necklace $7.00 by foowahu
8-Bit Heart Hair Clips - Set of 3 $7.00 by chubigorawr
Bubblegum Candy Felt Hair Clips - Set of 2 $7.00 by chubigorawr
Mini Jewel Case $2.75 by Lollipopkizz
Kawaii Photo Frame $4.00 by Lollipopkizz
Pinkuribon Pink on Hot Pink $10.00 by SugarpopClothing
Osamu $8.00 by SugarpopClothing
Kokeshi Doll Ornament - Sayuri $8.00 by Xangetsu
Kokeshi Doll Ornament - Kiki $8.00 by Xangetsu
Cheese and Cracker Plate Ring $9.50 by HelloHillary

Pink Hot Chocolate Ring $7.50 by HelloHillary

Cute White Moon and Star plush bear doll $10 by banananuthead 
Love Bunnies - (Flameless) Luminaries $9.95 by Luluslittleshop
Sweet Little Bear - (Flameless) Candle $5.95 by Luluslittleshop
Sweet Little Cupcakes - 3 Gift Boxes $8.95 by Luluslittleshop 

Tags: valentines. valentines day. valentines gift. sale. kawaii. $10. Etsy. Cupcake. Heart. Bear. bunnies. moon. plushie. clay. hair. chocolates. hello kitty. onigiri.

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